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Frequently Asked Questions

With any move, be it local or overseas, there are bound to be questions you have. That’s why we’ve collected some of our frequently asked questions, helping you get the answers to common questions to put your mind at ease. If your question isn’t answered here, don’t worry, you can always call and speak to our team directly.


Following your survey, we aim to get the quotations to our clients within one working day. You will receive a text message, if you provided a mobile number when booking the survey, to notify you that we have sent the quote. If not, you will receive your quote via email as an attachment. If you prefer to receive your quote via post, please let a member of our team know when booking the survey. If you are moving overseas, the quote may take a little longer as we will need to obtain more details before finalising and sending out the quotation.

We do pride ourselves on our transparency and aim to provide as much detail as possible within our quotations. If there is anything that you aren’t sure about, please do not hesitate to contact a member of our team who will be happy to assist.

For residential bookings (flats & houses), you are able to book online via our online booking portal. The link to this can be found on the covering page of your quote, including your username and password to login into the portal. Alternatively, and for all commercial bookings, you are able to complete the ‘acceptance form’ (found within your quotation) and send this back to us via email. We are able to accept a photograph or a scanned copy of the acceptance form, it just needs to be legible. Unfortunately, we do require all bookings to be made in writing – we cannot accept verbal bookings.

Full payment is required at least seven days prior to your removal date. Payment can be made by BACS, bankers draft or building society issued cheque, debit or credit card. If you are paying by debit/credit card, outstanding monies will automatically be collected by card 7 days prior to the move with the card details provided to us on your acceptance form.

We deal with local councils on a daily basis and are happy to arrange any parking suspension or dispensation if required. We do not charge for the booking of such parking arrangements. However, we do need to pass on the council’s fee(s) to you, plus the VAT. The cost of a parking ticket(s) (PCNs) that are incurred during the move is passed on and payable by you. Please note you are responsible for the access at both the origin and destination addresses, therefore, responsible for the cost of the parking of our vehicle(s). We will discuss the parking in advance of move day with you to best determine the most cost-effective and time-efficient manner of parking our vehicles.

If offered and paid for in advance of the commencement of the services, we agree to waive the Cancellation/Postponement charges. Our agreement to waive the charges is conditional upon us receiving written notice of your intention to Cancel/Postpone no later than 17:00 hours on the preceding working day before services commence. The Cancellation/Postponement charge will entitle you to only one Cancellation/Postponement.

We understand that certain situations can arise on move day out of your control.  Situations that can delay access to your new property. As these delays or events are outside our reasonable control, which can increase or extend the resources or time allowed to complete the agreed work, we are able to offer a waiver – ‘Waiting time waiver’. To avoid additional charges for any delays you may incur at the delivery address. The waiting time allowance is a maximum of 2 hours from the point of arrival at your delivery address.

We have specific goals and policies in place to ensure that we minimise our environmental impact wherever possible. We are committed to building a safe working environment to protect the interests of our employees, clients and the wider community. Please click here for more information on Edwards Removals CSR Policy.

Under our ‘Limited Liability Insurance’, you are covered for up to £40 per item in the event of either loss or damage.  An item is described as a single item of furniture or a single carton, regardless of its contents. Please read clause 8 of our Terms & Conditions for full details. Alternatively, we are able to offer ‘Goods in Transit’ and storage insurance, which offers a higher level of cover. Our policy has a comprehensive insurance cover specific to the removals and storage industry, which is offered at competitive rates. As a professional removals and storage company, we also hold public liability insurance which means that any damage to public property, including the interior of properties, caused by our negligence is covered as standard.  This is always included and at no additional cost.

‘Limited Liability Insurance’ is offered as a standard level of insurance cover on each quote. However, for further peace of mind, we do offer ‘Goods in Transit’ insurance, which is listed as a separate cost within the costings and optional charges of the quote. There are full details of insurance coverage within the ‘Summary of insurance’, which can be found at the back of your quote. Alternatively, please speak with your move manager, who would be happy to help. 

Storage insurance is not included in your quotation, and its cost is dependent on the value of the goods you wish to store. We are able to provide a cost for your storage insurance once you have provided your value of goods. 

Marine insurance (when shipping overseas) is also not typically covered within your initial quotation. Please speak with your surveyor or move manager, who will guide you through the process of obtaining an insurance quote for shipping your goods overseas. 

Please note, do not ‘under-insure’ yourself, as in the event of any claim, you will not receive the amount that any item is truly worth. For further details in relation to ‘under-insuring’, please speak with a member of our team who will be happy to help

Removals FAQs

Unfortunately, we do not offer a deposit-based booking system. Once your date has been confirmed, please complete, sign and return the removal acceptance page, making sure to tick the additional services you wish to accept. Once received, we will issue the invoice. Full payment will need to be received 7 days prior to the start of your removal.

Our crew aim to arrive between 0830 – 0900 each day, subject to traffic conditions. For removals out of storage, please confirm crew arrival times with a member of our office team prior to moving day. Our crew may need to load a number of ‘loose’ items on the morning of the out-of-storage service.

We have a fleet with a wide variety of sizes, each with different capabilities that are used on moves dependent on their requirements. As a general rule, we would require approximately 3 parking bays for a 3.5t Luton, 5 bays for a 7.5t and 6 bays for an 18t lorry.

We would recommend all food be slowly reduced from the fridge and/or freezer in the lead-up to your removal day. During the move, food should also be removed. For appliances coming into storage, these should be unplugged from the mains at least 2-3 days before move day. This ensures the interior is dry and free from ice, which will ensure the rest of your possessions remain dry throughout your storage term.

We work closely with handymen who are able to assist in a variety of different jobs during removal, this includes hanging artwork.

Yes. Our handymen are able to assist with these. We are also able to remove chandeliers, and wall-mounted light fittings, including the hanging of a ceiling rose to ensure you abide by the frequently used phrase ‘making good’, as found in house purchase contracts.

We are able to supply purpose-built wooden art cases, which allow the chandelier to be hung inside. The chandelier is then fixed in such a way as to prevent movement whilst in transit. Flopack is then used to fill the void around the chandelier for further protection.

Our surveyors are specifically trained to ensure that our removal plans provide the minimal amount of disruption possible. Your quotation will provide a brief précis of your removal plan, including the number of days the move will take and what will happen on each moving day. For further details, please do speak with your move manager.

Following your survey, one of our fully trained move managers will be assigned to your move. They will be your single point of contact within the office and oversee your move from beginning to end, ensuring that everything goes as smoothly as possible.

The degree of supervision is completely up to you.  On move day, the foreman will make himself known and ask for you to show him and his team around your property. At this point, it is worthwhile pointing out the items that do and don’t need to be packed. After this point, please feel free to come and go, as the move is being overseen by the foreman. If you have any specific handling requirements for anything within your home, please do let the foreman know.

We are able to offer both Saturday and Sunday removals. There is an additional charge for either day to help cover the cost of the additional resource needed for the weekend move.

If you have asked for us to provide the packing materials, your quote does include the purchase of the required materials. Therefore you are able to use these how you wish after the move. In line with our CSR policy, we can provide a material collection service. Please refer to your quotation to see if this is something that we are able to offer after your move, you will find it written within the ‘inclusions’ section.  If you are unsure, please speak with your move manager, who will be able to assist you.  

Please note we do require the boxes to be in a reusable condition for collection. There is no time limit to unpacking the cartons before collection. We will remove all unpacked cartons and remove debris if we are providing an unpacking and/or maid service.

It is very helpful for the removals team if you collate items in each room that do not need to be packed or moved.  

In the kitchen, overnight use of crockery, cutlery, food, kettle etc.  

In the bedroom, overnight clothes, toiletries, clothes for the duration of the move etc.  

In the living room, keep all remote controls together. 

We are able to provide electricians to help remove chandeliers/light fittings, plumbers to disconnect and/or reconnect white goods (washing machines, dishwashers, American fridge freezers) or general handyman services. However, if you prefer to have this arranged yourself, please ensure that everything is ready to be moved on the morning of the first day of the move. 

For commercial removals: all electrical goods should be unplugged, phone systems decommissioned, and all IT to be unplugged. Whiteboards and digital screens are to be demounted in advance of move day. We are able to assist with IT disconnection and reconnection where required, but we would require prior notice as this cannot be arranged on the move day. Where any goods are leased, such as photocopiers, these may need to be moved by the lease company – please check before move day and advise your move manager.

Where possible, please provide as much notice in order to book your removal. We do operate on a ‘first come, first served’ basis. Therefore, dates can be subject to availability. We will of course do what we can to accommodate any preferred move date, although please be prepared to move your date if necessary. We do advise at least 2-3 weeks’ notice, if possible. 

Where you cannot anticipate the exact move date, you are advised to book the removal and notify us of the expected date, taking out our optional Cancellation and Postponement waiver.

Please refer to our Terms & Conditions for our Cancellation and Postponement fees. The more notice that you are able to provide to us, the lower the charges will be.  If the notice is greater than 10 days, there will be no cancellation/postponement charge. If you purchased the Cancellation and Postponement waiver at the time of booking, you are able to change your move date up to 17:00 the preceding day to your move without any cancellation fee. Please note this Cancellation and Postponement waiver can only be used once.

Storage FAQs

After your goods have been brought into our storage facility, we will invoice you for the remainder of the current month and to the end of the following month. This payment is due immediately upon receipt of this invoice. Thereafter, ongoing storage payments are payable by the 1st of each calendar month. We do prefer to take storage payments through direct debit, which will be set up by our accounts team when you initially move into our storage.

Our wooden storage containers are 35 square feet, which is equivalent to 250 cubic feet. Their dimensions are 1.57m wide x 2.18m deep x 2.44m high.

Regrettably, we are unable to store plants. However, we are able to store any pots if the plants and soil are removed.

Yes. We are also able to provide wine cartons if required. We can also provide climate-controlled storage units if your wine is high-value. Please do also let our surveyor know if any particular bottle(s) need to be stored on their side (to keep the corks wet), otherwise your wine will be stored upright.

No. However, due to the sheer size of our storage facilities, the temperature change is negligible, which leads to an ideal environment for storing household and office-based furniture.

We have picture cartons, which are used in collaboration with bubble and export wrap to ensure your artwork is transported and stored as safely as possible. If the artwork is of high value, we are able to construct a bespoke wooden art case, which provides additional protection.

Yes. Whether an item is worth a penny or tens of thousands of pounds, our crews will delicately and expertly pack and transport your goods with the utmost care. For added peace of mind, we are also able to provide Goods in Transit and Storage insurance. Please speak with a member of our team for further details on the levels of insurance we are able to offer.

Yes. We have two storage facilities within London with a long-term storage warehouse outside of London. We are able to offer different means of storage – containerised storage, mobile storage, and palletised storage. Let us know your ideal storage solution, and we will advise which storage will suit you best.

Of course. You are able to access it during normal office hours, including Saturdays. When planning to access your goods, please provide at least 5 working days’ notice.

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